In Hawaiian Pidgin “MYNAHS BRAH!” is a playful mix on the word MINOR or no big deal and blended with the name of the Myna bird, introduced to
Hawaii in 1865.

MYNAHS BRAH! is a smooth flavorful blend of roasted Jalapeño, sweet chili pods cultivated specifically for flavor with little to no heat, honey, fresh garlic and sea salt. We’ve made the really hot stuff, now it’s time for some sauce just about anyone can handle. MYNAHS BRAH!

HOT or NOT, Customize MYNAHS BRAH! to your preferred spice level. We designed this sauce to work with our super hot sauces like HAMAJANG, MAUI NO KA OI and FIYA! FIYA! Your choice, add a few drops or a lot and mix well. The flavors will explode and you control the heat.